About me

My name is Paul de Raaij and I live in Honselersdijk, near Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands. I’m passionate about the web, sports and music.

I work as a professional web developer at Coolblue working with a variety of web development languages including PHP, SQL and JavaScript. Besides developing on various web applications at Coolblue my job also includes the operations part of the application which makes me a true DevOp. Configuration management tools like puppet and salt are no strangers to me.

At Coolblue and previous employers I was involved in creating continuous integration and deployment solutions. Using tools as Jenkins, code quality software, ant and bash scripting we’ve created various elegant solutions for deploying web applications.

Before I started to work at Coolblue I’ve had my own web development company and worked at Eleven for more than three years. In the past years I have volunteered at pfz.nl and helped organized some events, including pfcongres.

Besides being active as web developer I also spent a lot of time for some other activities. One of them is training and coaching handball at WPK/Westlandia. I’m also in the committee of WPK/Westlandia and responsible for all technical issues.

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