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Having full insights into your application

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Penalties. In a soccer game, they should be a done deal as it is a relatively simple thing. The ball is at a free range at 11 meters with just one goalkeeper in a very wide goal. Simple right?

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Sites not working after upgrading to apache 2.4.6

Recently I’ve upgraded to the apache 2.4.6 on my machine. After that the sites weren’t working anymore and the a2ensite/a2disste stopped working. Also I’ve received this error message in the log:

[core:notice] AH00094: Command line: ‘/usr/sbin/apache2’

The solution is pretty easy. Make sure your site configurations in sites-available end with .conf. If they do, enable them again and reload apache. This will solve your problems.

Adding Interceptor Filters via annotation in Joomla

If you have read my other articles about Joomla and automated binding or Using Doctrine in Joomla then you probably know that I also heavily develop in Java. Java heavily makes use of Annotations which combined with the principle of Aspect-oriented programming gives developers some great power in controlling the flow of the application. One thing we use regularly in our application are called Intercepting Filters. Basically you set a ‘insertion point’ where code can be executed before executing the application code. In this post I’ll show you an implementation like I have done in a hobby project of mine. Continue reading

Joomla and Doctrine, experimenting with automated binding

In my day to day job at the moment I’m working more on Java projects then PHP applications. In our Java project we are using the a very sophisticated framework called Spring Framework. So when I started to work on an new, private PHP project with Joomla I was feeling a bit blunt by all the basic things I have to do to process forms into their representing entities. Continue reading

Using Doctrine in Joomla

Joomla is a decent CMS with very nice features. It works great for the end user and has many components ready to use from the online world. What I don’t like personally, as a developer, is the model implementation in Joomla. For me the way ‘ model and table’ classes are implemented, just doesn’t feel right to me. Also it is very difficult to get other models in a controller or an other model class.

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A way to implement unit testing in Joomla!

Since a couple of months I’m not anymore self-employed and am I working for a company who develops for ActiveCollab, Magento and Joomla!. While developing I’m trying to work according the TDD paradigm. So you write your tests first and then you develop the business logic to succeed the failing test. I’d have to admit that Joomla! never will be my first choice to develop on, but it isn’t as bad some are preaching.

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